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ACLA-MATING November 4, 2012

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Praise and worship are outward displays of emotions. The emotions: energetic joy, or solemn reverence, respectively. The displays: approval, commendation, love, and adoration. Praise and worship are not to be confused with edification (“enlightening or uplifting so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement.”)


Though it may feel like praise or worship to the speaker, edification is a horizontal connection, from me to you, as in, “this article is to edify the Body to understanding the purpose of, and to encourage pure praise and/or worship.” It solidifies us in the Word.


Praise and worship, on the other hand, are vertical, us to Him, connections. In Heaven, such connections are eternal and unbroken. Services of praise and/or worship serve one purpose: Approve, Commend, Love, and Adore HIM. To ACLA-mate (read that: acclimate) us to what awaits us in Heaven.


Are YOU engaged, captivated, and inspired to ACLA-mate to the ways of Heaven? Are you ACLA-mating your flock?



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