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Happy Anniversary! November 14, 2012

Posted by worshipconvergence in Christianity.
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One year ago today, after nearly three and a half years of mistreatment, I left the church whose lead pastor:

  • took a sexual joke more seriously than my word;

  • lied to me about expectations for my staff position, causing me to fail so she could make a change without being perceived as the villain;

  • lied to me about my position’s interaction with another staff position and responded to the confrontation of the lie with, to paraphrase, “If you don’t like it, quit;”

  • held me to double standards by telling me I wasn’t the right choice for my staff position because I didn’t do certain things, and then hiring someone who didn’t do those things and informing this person publicly that she didn’t have to do those things and could delegate however she wanted;

  • told multiple people that the, now former, church business manager was responsible for the maintenance department, then on multiple occasions stripped the business manager of authority to fulfill that responsibility to the extent that when the she tried to report the head custodian for consistently not working, the pastor wouldn’t let the manager turn in the report to the church elders;

  • told the, now former, technology coordinator his workload was going to be nearly doubled for no additional pay, then in the same meeting stated that a new staff position could be created (and funds allocated) to pay someone else to do the same work;

  • overloaded, seemingly intentionally, the, now former, hospitality director and refused her the assistance to make the workload more manageable, (kind of a “this is the job, if you can’t do it all maybe you shouldn’t do any of it” kind of mentality) yet less than two months after the director resigned that one staff position had been split into 3 positions and the two new ones were given to people who were already on staff and could have been delegated to;

  • took sides against a staff member when one congregation member accused him of bad-mouthing another staff member, telling the accused – who wasn’t allowed to defend himself, that he was not to mingle with or talk to the congregation anymore;

  • Manipulated another pastor out of applying for a pastoral position by telling him there wasn’t a need for the church to have a third pastor so the church’s anti-nepotism policy wouldn’t have to be enforced on the person the leadership wanted to hire: the husband of a woman who’d been hired ten months earlier.


And that’s just the ones who were willing to give their experiences, albeit unofficial in the eyes of the elders. God told Joshua after the battle of Ai that as long as there is sin in your camp, He is not. Trespasses of the leadership are many, repentances are condescending or faked. To those whose exit preceded mine as well as those who’ve left since – well done, good and faithful servants! To those who haven’t followed God out yet, there’s still time! Don’t stay, tethered, to friends or family who won’t leave, the name of the church, a position of power or influence, or anything else. Don’t be afraid to get out. Don’t just pray for the corruption to leave you, you have the power to walk by God. You could be celebrating your anniversary of following the Shepherd instead of staying with the wolves.



1. mike and brandy - November 14, 2012

praise God for your 1 year of freedom to serve Christ rather than man. invest your life and time into people not a ‘church’ organization structure and NEVER subjugate your gifts of service and grace to the authority of a human master, but rather allow Jesus Christ to fill them and direct you to use them for the service and benefits of those around you.
build the Church not just a church.

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