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God’s Best-Seller List November 7, 2012

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Many people have a difficult time getting on “the same page” with each other. Its often caused by people waiting to write “that page,” whatever “that page” may be, until they meet someone who’s already written “that page” and they can plagiarize it into their own book. They freeze at the idea of not “selling” (i.e. being popular) if they write a page that no one else has yet. With God as co-author and editor, you and your free will can write the next hit on God’s best-seller list.

You’ve probably, at some point, watched or read a mystery or a “who-dun-it?” Inevitably it follows one of a few progressions, hence the popular assumption, “The butler did it!” You can watch the clock and or the page numbers and know if its too soon for the person being interrogated to be the bad guy. Predictable. But who would’ve thought that a baby, shoved out to sea, would return, grow into a stammering, unsure man who would write the page where he led God’s people out of slavery? This man wrote what were for most people, and himself at times, unimaginable pages.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of “reading” the same book every time I meet someone new, especially in ministry leaders. We all just go to conferences and plagiarize the same pages into our book. We edit out what makes us us, and become generic. We become like someone a block away or 3,000 miles away because they are popular. We become what we didn’t like about our former leaders, much like the ending of the book Animal Farm, with others who look from pig to human to pig again and are unable to tell the difference. We covet what God gave someone else instead of what He wants to have.

Sometimes God tries to ghost write for us, but we don’t let him, because we “know better than he.” He’s trying to help us write another best-seller. Custodian or pastor, we have to let go and let God. Write when its right, hand over the pen when he has a plot twist that’ll make our story a stand-out worth reading. Leave the popularity seekers to their own hopelessly derived works.



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