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Matters of the Heart December 21, 2010

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…the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that will never be destroyed and is very precious to God. – 1 Peter 3:4 NCV

We all go through phases of worthlessness, feeling unappreciated and even told we don’t matter or that our word means less than a dirty joke. Those who live with God in their heart also live in His heart, as often as we can forget it. If you’re in His heart, you matter!


A High-Ranking Officer December 10, 2010

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As a child, I was a take charge person, at least when the task was something I looked forward to. For instance, in fifth grade, I looked forward to my beginning band classes. The day before Christmas break began, the band was to go room to room caroling the school into Christmas break. The director was late, so late that she ultimately didn’t show up in time to take us, but I had so looked forward to this that I took it upon myself to take the band room to room, leading the music myself. A ten-year-old leading other ten-year-olds. And as a high school junior, I led the pep band during basketball games for which the director couldn’t be there. My senior year I was placed in charge of the jazz ensemble during perfomances when the director had a prior engagement.

Its one thing to lead peers – fellow ten-year-olds, to be 16 and 17 leading those between 14 and 18. Its a completely different feeling to be 26 leading a band who’s mostly 40-60.

After three days they found him (Jesus) in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. – Luke 2:46-47

The story of a twelve-year-old Jesus commanding the attention of his elders, leading their hearts and thoughts with truth and understanding is something I can’t even begin to compare myself to, but its one of the many examples that I can draw inspiration from in a walk toward leadership, as most leaders are called to lead not only peers and those younger, but those much older. Leading those who are much older and more experienced is something that is, at times, difficult to look forward to, let alone get excited about. Their ways, their concepts and understandings.

I don’t have stars on my shoulders or a crown on my head, but I have a God who’s called me to be His servant. THAT is worth getting excited.

My Cup Runs Over December 10, 2010

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You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. – Psalms 23:5 NKJV

This morning I made coffee, like most other mornings. I put the filter in the basket, coffee grounds in filter, water in the tank, pot on the heating plate, and pushed the on button and walked away. Several minutes later, after having occupied myself with facebook and e-mails, I realized it was taking longer than usual. When I checked the pot, I noticed it had been placed in an unsettled position, not far enough back to depress the release lever that lets the coffee drain from the basket into the pot.

While not a common occurrence in life, it seems to be common in spiritual life. We sit unsettled, waiting on our cups to overflow with His grace, love, and mercy, occupying ourselves with the world as we wait. Settle in, Word in hand, and know Him. The relationship is the lever that releases. You won’t have to wait long. Most days, He’s the one waiting on you.