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15 Things I Would Tell My Children about Leadership May 1, 2012

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  1. Lead by example – “Do as I say,” doesn’t get a positive response, while “Do as I Do” puts you on even ground.
  2. The 4 components of good leaders are Desire to lead who and what you’ve been asked to lead, Ability to lead who and what – how you’ve been asked to lead them, Respect for and of those you’ve been asked to lead, and Tact to lead within the boundaries you’re given, without abrasiveness or micro-management. D.A.R.T. – lacking one or more elements means you probably aren’t the proper dart to throw at the target in question.
  3. Know who you are before you attempt to gain others’ love, respect, trust, and following. As in dating, you’ll never be happy with your matches until you can be honest with and about yourself. People in the same position under different expectations will not produce success stories within the context of your leadership.
  4. Be consistent. Don’t, for instance, tell family of existing staff they aren’t eligible for staff positions, then hire spouses and mothers of other staff members.
  5. Beware of those whose number 1 rule is “Live by the spirit of the law, not the letter of it.” Boundaries are a huge part of organization, the bigger the group potential, the greater the need to write the spirit into the letter of the law so everyone understands, and define it every so often so its fresh in their minds.
  6. Don’t expect others to do your job for you, but if you delegate a responsibility give them the authority to follow through.
  7. Never discount the one naysayer, they may be the only one seeing the big picture.
  8. Treat projects like babies in utero. Before you go public with it, make sure its what people can expect to grow, not a perfect skeleton on which they will see perfectly formed organs in a few years, and muscle a few years after that, etc. until the full organism is finished and half-way through its life. In short, don’t give the organization or the public unfinished products.
  9. Never do for money what you wouldn’t do for free.
  10. Don’t just teach people to give, teach them to give to the right causes. $15,000 to make the building a little more comfortable, or to buy equipment to bring people to it? $15,000 to add amenities to a structure, or to add an arsenal of portable equipment to take your people beyond the walls?
  11. Commitment is the biggest piece of the “serving” puzzle. If they aren’t committed, character and skill don’t matter.
  12. There are 2 types of challenges: one leads to betterment, the other questions worth.
  13. Never be afraid to be the mentor, or the student.
  14. Its not the success story alone that people follow, its the overcomer telling it.
  15. Never compromise doing what’s right to do what sells.


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