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Standard of Excellence: Life as Worship May 6, 2012

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In church around the world, Sunday morning is a display of “the best of the best.” Whatever the motivation, church leaders and attendees hold those people on stage to a high standard. In some churches who are financially able, pros are hired to increase excellence on stage and help create a flawless atmosphere for “worship.” However, those same people look at the standard of living, (i.e. morals, actions, etc.) as a permanent beta test.

Given knowledge of extramarital activity of a volunteer ministry leader who bragged about it, a group of elders said “We already knew that and we don’t care. The Church really shouldn’t confront sin, we might scare people away. If we start trying to confront sin there’s not enough time in the day.” The standard of worship – as a way of life – is held to a much lower standard, if it exists at all. What would happen if we, in daily life, held each other to as high a standard as we hold singers, techs, etc. on Sunday morning? I once heard a Worship Leader say he requires his worship band to rehearse X number of times per song before full group rehearsal, citing that if you were asked to play in your favorite band you’d practice your hands off to meet their standards. Christians shouldn’t limit excellence of this caliber to the stage or video studio. If anything, it should be the opposite. The Body is out of shape because we only exercise certain parts, and only one or two days a week.

The sad truth of the average church is that leaders aren’t leading, they’re directing the chosen few who are outstanding in their field, but not necessarily in life. Harsh, cold, aloof, abrasive, vindictive, disconnected, dishonest. Just a few words that describe some people chosen to lead the Church, but bring too much business and politics background into the system. The church has a low standard for each other. Think of theoretical Communism versus putting it in to practice: theoretically everyone helps each other live. In practice, no one can attain supremacy so no one has the drive to excel. Its the same in church. The Church should be soaring, but its struggling.

The Church is supposed to be the light to the world. Every word and action should send the darkness scampering away like deer running from the sound of a cracking stick under a hunter’s foot. We’re not allowed. Speaking words of light into the darkness is seen as complaining, and pastors constantly preach against complaining. What if the Church had the humility to accept the help of others within who could help them attain a more Christ-like state of mind and life? What if complaints were seen, not as prideful arrogance of the complainer, but as a truthful perspective from someone on the other side of your eyes?

A life of worship isn’t about having attended church 52 Sundays a year. Its not helping the organization build or maintain properties or subordinate, compliant, silent staff, or being that staff member. Its living every day, speaking and acting like a Christian. Belonging to others and owning them in return. Caring for each other. Encouraging each other to live upright, righteous lives, which includes confronting and gently correcting sin when we have to. “Life as worship” – not just a catchphrase for the weekend stage. Hold each other to that level of excellence.



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